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Frequently Asked Questions about Fencing

We are a Fence Company and have trained estimators that can assist you. We arrange for one of our estimators to discuss your quotes. Our Estimators are familiar with all regulations in Australia and are here to assist you in getting a quote to you within hours of contact

Choosing your contractor is important!! Some people go to the bottom page of their quote, and sadly they get what they pay for. We have spent many years in the industry and have seen the results of lower pricing, unfortunately this industry has a lot of ‘cowboys’ who do not do the right thing by their clients, the only way for these fencers to ‘get work’ is to slash their price. – make sure you look their reviews online.

Yes, you will need to clear your fence line prior works proceeding (unless you have requested your contractor to clear this for you), the clearance will need to be min 60cm from both sides of the fence.

You can independently arrange to split total costs with your neighbour; or we can organise to have each party pay their share, in some instances we have our clients pay the bill in full and have the neighbour pay them back at a later date

Yes, In our quotes we will give you the option to pull down and remove the old fence from your site, we use an eco-friendly company called Eco-Chipping to remove all of our old fences from your site, they keep your old timber fence out of our landfill and give back to the environment by reducing your carbon emissions at no extra cost to you!

For security, peace of mind and in the unlikely event that something were to go wrong it is much easier to sort things out if all the above is in place with who you have engaged!

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