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Extreme Fencing, Quality Fencing

Why Upgrade Your Fence?

Our Extreme Fencing Upgrade is designed to extend the life of your fence, you will get more life from your fence.

The Normal cause of needing a new fence, is your posts rotting at ground level, we can assure you by using our extreme fencing upgrade this stops these types of problems.

The main issue for timber fences to fail is their footing, with fencing contractors not digging their footing deep enough, it is encouraged that all fence footing are dug a minimum of 600mm, we have seen some intances where fencing contractors have only dug their footings 300mm, with our extreme fencing upgrade you will not only have a footing DEEPER than 60om we use more cement making your fence stronger than before!

Stonger Footings

With the Extreme Fencing Upgrade you will have extra depth in your fencing footings, as well as 50% more cement in each hole.

Your fence will stand the test of time, stronger and deeper than our basic fencing.

Post Saver

This will save your fence, the post saver is used to reduce your post from rotting. the post saver is put onto your fence post saving your post from any potential excess moisture or rot.

Screws Not Nails

Nails are perfectly fine in a fence.

All of your fences frame work will be screwed while taking away the chance of the fences frame work from moving.


Added Warranty

An added Warranty to your new fence.

With a three year warranty, you will have a longer warranty if sometime were to happen.

Post Saver Download

Download the post Saver pdf file by clicking the link below.